About James Jenkins

My Passion for creating things began a long time ago.  When I was a kid I would spend endless hours with Erector Sets, Lego blocks and model planes.  My Star Wars figurines and other little cast of characters were always involved in one adventure or another. 

As I grew, so did my art exploration through various styles and mediums.  The journey finally led me to Polymer Clay.Polymer clay to me is the ultimate art medium  I have been working with it now for years and still have to fully explore all of its possibilities.  The endless variety of colors,  the paint-like blendability, and the ease of use, make my mind swirl with new ideas.

My inspiration  usually comes from Movies and books and I particularly favor the science fiction / fantasy / fairy tale genres.  In 2014 I began to experiment with Millefiori cane work and created several bowls and boxes and also made "paintings" using clay and millefiori canes.

I am very grateful that you have taken the time to view my art. Be reassured that every single piece from 2JDesign is a one-of-a-kind (OOAK) creation.  Nothing is ever molded, or cast in resin. 

Every single item is produced by hand, by me, with love, and nothing is ever mass produced.